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The Last Honey Hunter

The honey that comes from Hongu Valley in Nepal is said to have medicinal and mind-altering properties, and sales provide the village of Saadi with an important seasonal income. But there are downsides to consuming the honey, which occasionally causes serious illness, paralysis or even death. Harvesting this rare substance is a dangerous business as well, with some honey hunters being suspended high above deep gorges to reach the most remote hives. And then there are the leeches that the honey hunters must pluck from their legs as they walk through the jungle. But the men don’t feel unsafe, because the widely respected figure Mauli Dhan had a dream in which the spirit Rongkemi played an important part. After a dream such as this, Mauli and his co-workers Ashdan and Jange feel much better about their harvesting expedition. The magnificence of the misty and rainy Nepalese jungle combines with stories about rituals and spirits to offer a magical glimpse into the life of a honey hunter.

food & health 09 January 2021