IoF2020 Meat Use Cases

Animal output for meat production accounts for 24.8% of the total EU-28 agricultural output. The sector has been dealing with numerous challenges such as animal welfare, foreign competition, climate impact and antibiotic resistance. The meat trial of IoF2020 demonstrates how technology can help face these challenges. Early warning systems increase animal health and reduce antibiotic use. Advanced monitoring systems provide farmers with feedback on their decisions and help to optimize animal growth and wellbeing. Tracking data adds transparency and traceability to the production process. In this way, the meat trial explores the advantages of IoT technologies for farmers and for the production chain as a whole.


IoF2020 Use Case: Decision-making Optimisation in Beef Supply Chain
IoF2020 Use Case: Feed Supply Chain Management
IoF2020 Use Case: Interoperable Pig Health Tracking
IoF2020 Use Case: Meat Transparency and Traceability
IoF2020 Use Case: Pig Farm Management
IoF2020 Use Case: Poultry Chain Management